Descargar DotA Allstars 6.46 / 6.46b

Descargar DotA Allstars

DotA Allstars 6.46b ha sido liberada, esta nueva actualización trae las siguientes novedades:

DotA que son las iniciales de Defense of the Ancients, es una modificación del juego Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne.
DotA Allstars es un excelente juego de estrategia en donde podrás escoger Tu héroe (entre los más de 70 que existen) y armar tu ejército con el fin de destruir la reliquia o ancestro del oponente, para así lograr la victoria…

¿Como Jugar DotA Allstars?
Para poder jugar e “Instalar” DotA Allstars sigan las siguiente instrucciones (click aquí).

6.46 Changelog:

* Reduced overall bandwidth used in games
* Fixed a big exploit
* Improved Waaagh!TV compatibility
* Fixed a potential issue in -dmar and respawning
* Fixed a bug with the recent recoding of Death Pulse that causes it to hit invisible units
* Lots of internal coding improvements to get it to a stable state
* Reduced Greater Hawk’s movement speed
* Added a timer in -rd/-xl/-lm to show you how much time you have left to pick your hero
* Fixed various fatal error potential issues
* Fixed Land Mines doing a little less damage than advertised
* Fixed a bug with Battle Hunger that caused it to sometimes fail to detect the hero killing with a couple abilities
* You can now disassemble Helm of the Dominator (157261)
* Rewrote how swaphero works, all old glitches with swaphero are now fixed (You can use -swap instead of -swaphero as well). You can now also select more than one hero to swap with.
* Fixed a bug that changed Bloodseeker’s model scale up
* Fixed Suicide Squad, Attack! from killing wards
* Improved Medusa’s Intelligence Growth
* Lots of misc glitches fixed
* Added new icons for Reincarnation, Berserker’s Blood, Life Break, Remote Mines and Conjure Image (142075, snork, eva00r)
* Fixed a workaround that still allowed flying courier to steal base items
* Fixed some buff stacking issues with Malefice
* Changed Rabid icon
* Improved some lag problems that happened with nature’s attendants
* Fixed a bug with Enchant that sometimes caused it to slow the converted unit
* Fixed Wall of Replica from working on Meepo’s clones
* Added overhead text to show how much damage Test of Faith does
* Lowered Replicate mana cost
* Adjusted Tree Respawn code to not respawn if a hero is standing near it, as to not accidentally trap it.
* Fixed a bug with BKB that caused heroes with full ability card (like nevermore) to lose access to one ability during Avatar if done in a certain order.
* Fixed some lag problems with various abilities
* Added an ability to the Circle of Power to allow you to freeze an allied hero that has left the game (to prevent him from being killed due to things like Thundergod’s Wrath)
* Fixed a bug with Spirit Bear in -dm with -nd on that caused the bear to not restore the bear’s items (this is only a bug with -nd)
* Lightning Grapple no longer pulls creeps (temporary solution for some creep abuse, better ai will be attached in the future so they can resume their path properly)
* Fixed an exploit that is possible with Surge
* Fixed Arcane Orb from dealing bonus damage to Warlock’s Infernal
* Fixed a bug with stun chance on level 1-3 Chaos Bolt
* Fixed Vacuum from working on BKB’d units

Sorry for the delay and limited new features in this, lots of misc bugs and code rewrites needed priority in order to stablize and improve the map (as a result, some content needed to be disabled until another release).

6.46b Changelog
* Fixed Furion’s Treant stats
* Fixed the neutral creep spawn time in -rd
* Fixed how Psi Blades damage spill area is calculated (149031)
* Undid some of the previous Primal Split duration buff
* Fixed a bug in -sc
* Improved Leoric cast animation time
* Fixed a bug with morphling in -sh
* Improved some issues with Omnislash
* Lowered Null Talisman recipe cost from 175 to 150
* Temporarily disabled the leaver freeze functionality until next version (too many issues, not enough time while its being abused)
* Fixed a bug with Nature’s Attendants
* Fixed a bug with Grapple and Aegis
* Improved text presentation a little with swaphero
* Fixed a bug with Earthshaker and picking up DD rune

Download Dota Allstars 6.46b Para Warcraft (Tamaño de Archivo 2.25 mb.)

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(mirror 2)

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    wenas quisiera perdirte q pongas los cambios en español plz eso toy q espero porfas

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    que bueno!!!!es lo mejor

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    oye eso de la dota es lo mejor pero como el dice yo lo apoyo en todo q la pongan en español

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    Manes necesito q me digan si ya ise todos los pasos para descargar el juego de dota, ahora q entro al juego el aparece y todo pero no aparece para empezar la partida ?? q alguien responda


    hola q bueno est juego es le mejor… gracias por los heroes nuevos estan de lo mejor

    me gustaria ver items nuevos

  • Ebher

    alguien sabe como hacer -swaphero en estas nuevas versiones no se puede realizar cambios de heroes con tus aliados

  • miren tengo aratas ideas sobre çheroes creo que tengo por lo menos 100 quisiera que me escriban que dicen para lansar un dota con mas 100 heroes escribanme

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    oye dante yo te apoyo hace un mapa con esoj personajes que tenes pensado seria interesante poder verlo …

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  • dota es lo mejor q me paso en la vida